Headaches and Aromatherapy

Headaches are the consequence of the membranes and blood vessels around the brain and the scalp muscles tightening or extending.

Headaches and Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy and essential oils can help the pain due to headaches by helping in relaxing these muscles that are tight. Blend the mixture below and lightly massage into your temples, scalp and back of your neck. Find a quiet place where you could lay down and relax with your eyes shut, preferably with an eye bag placed over your eyes. Breath deeply and enjoy the aroma of the essential oils and texture them relaxing all of your tightness leaving you feeling calm and discharging any pain.

If you suffer from headaches you know how debilitating they can sometimes be.
From Rose Cox
30ml sweet almond or apricot oil

Usually headaches aren’t linked to any serious illness however in case you suffer chronic headaches or you wake up with a very painful headache or if they disrupt your sleep you should seek medical advice.
Headaches and Aromatherapy

Frequently the cause can be unknown but there are common causes such as stress, lack of sleep, sinus issues, stomach upsets or excessive alcohol to name a few. Other causes may be spinal problems, eyestrain, dental problems, depression, PMT and some drugs like the contraceptive pill or HRT (hormonal therapy therapy).
This post via the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes blog where you can find the most recent information on aromatherapy and essential oil recipes.

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Several Uses for Bergamot Essential Oil

  • You may apply a few drops of bergamot essential oil using a cotton ball and inhale the odor to gently raise your spirits, reduce anxiety, and eliminate any fear and anger you could feel. It’s also great in soothing your nerves.
  • Add about 3-5 drops of the oil into your bath water, to be able to treat skin infections and any sense of vaginal itch.
  • Put a few drops of bergamot in an aromatherapy diffuser to help fight fatigue and alleviate exhaustion, thus, providing you a boost of energy.
  • You could also use it to apply to irritated skin, such as acne, insect bites, cold sores, and even psoriasis and eczema.
  • For cleansing and healing of the skin, add 3-5 drops of the oil into a bowl of hot, steaming water, cover your head with a towel to keep the steam in.
  • Finally, you might add the oil into your bath water to be able to help relieve tension and depression.

Other uses of bergamot essential oil include raising one’s appetite, eliminating any intestinal parasites and may also be utilised in making perfumes.
This post through the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes blog where you can find the most recent information on aromatherapy and essential oil recipes.
You will find more details about bergamot oil here.

Keep reading to find out about the various uses of bergamot essential oil, particularly on fixing some of your health difficulties.

Bergamot essential oil is regarded as antibacterial and antiseptic, thus, which makes it effective in fighting against bacteria, fungi and other germs.

From Rose Cox

It’s an essential oil that’s thought to have originated in the Canary Islands. In actuality, some would assert that it was Columbus who first brought the bergamot plant in the Canary Islands on the way to Italy where it is being cultivated now.
This oil is extracted or pressed from a bergamot plant, and may be utilised in an assortment of ways.

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Aromatherapy Diffuser Blends

  • 3 drops Rose Geranium
  • 2 drops Basil
  • 4 drops Bergamot

Here are

  • 2 drops Geranium
  • 3 drops Ginger
  • 3 drops Lime

If I wanted to use this oil, what could I find to combine with this? I wanted as I had a full day of work before me, an uplifting blend. One of my favourite oils that when I m operating I really like to diffuse is Basil. I did a fast smell test and my sense of smell agreed that they would combine well together so all I wanted was to get a third essential oil. Bergamot is another lovely refreshing and uplifting aromatherapy oil and on doing the odor test all three work together superbly.

This post through the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes blog where you can find the most recent information on aromatherapy and essential oil recipes.
In keeping with the Geranium motif, another day I decided to try out another mix, this time with the normal Geranium. This essential oil blend also had to be uplifting and among essential oils I adore for this is Ginger. Ginger essential oil is also excellent for sharpening the memory that may be quite valuable for my various work tasks. Lime sharpening the senses and is another aromatherapy oil for both memory.

Here’s the numbers and the blend that I added to my diffuser:

From Rose Cox
After receiving my most recent batch of fresh essential oils out of Mountain Rose Herbs, as always I decided to experiment with a few fresh aromatherapy diffuser blends. I haven’t utilized Rose Geranium too much before so I really wanted to add that in one of my new combinations. Rose Geranium is extremely similar to Geranium but I find it a much milder odor and of course with a stunning rose-like aroma. The latin name is Pelargonium graveolens and Geranium that has more of an apple-like odor is Pelargonium odorantissimum.

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Pamper Yourself with a Home Spa (recipes included)

We all Enjoy a Little pampering.

When finances are tight not take some opportunity to make your own spa break at the comfort of your residence? Together with the basic recipes supplied you can create indulgent all-natural beauty remedies to leave your skin smooth, soft and shinier. Letting yourself some significant me-time provides you the opportunity to unwind and forget regular stress for a little while.

You Will Have to Create the toilet melts, additives and pumice foot scrub Ahead of Time. These are fun and simple to create, and you’ll have sufficient products to get some pamper sessions or even to give as presents.

Light a candle in the restroom approximately 30 minutes before starting your house spa to allow the scents fill the space.

Create the face bunch your decision that will fit your skin simply by mixing the components together till you’ve got a consistency you are able to apply to your neck and face. Pour a generous spray of bath gel into a bowl, then add a spoonful of ground olive oil and then stir well until blended. Ground olive stones really are an economical all-natural exfoliant sometimes called”washing machines” that cleansing and enhance skin. It’s very good worth to get the grains and utilize to your hair dryer one time every week.

Bring all you want into your toilet; put a”don’t disturb” sign if needed!!

 When You are undressed utilize a dry skin brush to brush securely against the feet up the thighs towards the center and then by the palms the arms up. This fosters the flow of lymph and blood, detoxifies the body, enhances the look of cellulite and can definitely leave you glowing!

Love a Fast shower, together with the body scrub you created. Eliminate any make-up and cleansing the face as you operate a deep hot tub. Pour the Organic Bath Salts or fall 2 or 1 Luxurious Melts (based on their size) to the sport. Employ your head mask and revel in a relaxing retreat for 20 minutes. Just take a while to listen to songs, read a magazine, and have a glass of wine or anything feels like a cure.

Luxury Bath Melts

Cocoa Butter 50g

Shea Butter 25g

Coconut Oil 10ml

Dried Rose Petals (discretionary )

Silicone moulds or elastic ice cube tray

Melt the butters at a heat-proof jug to a low heat Working with the bain marie microwave or method, include coconut oil and simmer fry. Allow to cool a little as you scatter a few bits of dried rose petals from the molds you’re using. Set the molds on a flat plate or tray and then pour the melted butter to the molds. Refrigerate before sound for a few hours and get rid of the molds.

In case you don’t own a tub, these pliers may be applied as a moisturising body pub. Simply massage warm moist skin after a bath rather than your regular oil or cream.

Natural Bath Salts

Dead Sea Salt & Epsom Salt OR

Pink Himalayan Bath Salt (approx 200g)

Dried Rose Petals (discretionary )

Vital Oils (discretionary )

Quantify out Your Favorite salts to a bowl, then add 6-8 drops complete crucial oil and simmer and blend well.

A pleasant relaxing mix would be 3 drops Mandarin, 3 drops Bergamot and two drops Ylang Ylang or attempt Geranium 2 drops, Lavender 3 drops and Rose Total 3 drops.

When you’ve got a vacant broad necked jar or some kilner jar you are able to make double and delight in another curative bath. To turn the capsules to your body scrub only include a spoonful of oil like coconut, apricot kernel or sunflower and stir fry well. Utilizing un-fragranced salts is absolutely fine.

These additives are completely of valuable minerals and help detoxification and comfort.

The melts are greatly nourishing and will leave your skin feeling very tender.

As soon as you’ve enjoyed a great beverage use a pumice rock then pumice foot scrub, then massaging well into every foot.

Pumice Foot Scrub

Shea Butter 70g

Coconut Oil (Strong ) 50g

Coconut/ Additional mild acrylic 25ml

Earth Pumice 85g

Dead Sea Salt 85g

Peppermint Essential Oil (don’t use if pregnant) 20 drops

Mix the ground pumice and Dead Sea Salt into a bowl and then put in the Peppermint essential oil when using. Melt the butters utilizing the bain-marie procedure or microwave and stir into the liquid light or coconut oil. Allow to cool slightly then pour in the pumice and stir fry well. Set the wash to a container like a kilner jar or plastic bathtub as you’ll have a lot to get a couple programs. Set the wash to the refrigerator to permit the butters to company up. Before using only wake up using a spoon.

Wrap yourself a Huge towel and remove the face mask with warm water.

To get a last bit of luxury spritz your body and face using a few aromatic, cooling Rose Water.

You also May Want to paint and shape your nails before drifting off!

Earth Pumice and freshwater Stones Can Be Bought by www.gracefruit.com

Organic Salts for your tub and also for scrubs are available by www.westlapshop.co.uk

Butters, oils and essential oils are available from Turmeric providers. I utilize www.materiaaromatica.com

Aromatherapy Soy Candles can be purchased from my website www.vitalityaromatherapy.co.uk

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