Headaches and Aromatherapy

Headaches are the consequence of the membranes and blood vessels around the brain and the scalp muscles tightening or extending.

Headaches and Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy and essential oils can help the pain due to headaches by helping in relaxing these muscles that are tight. Blend the mixture below and lightly massage into your temples, scalp and back of your neck. Find a quiet place where you could lay down and relax with your eyes shut, preferably with an eye bag placed over your eyes. Breath deeply and enjoy the aroma of the essential oils and texture them relaxing all of your tightness leaving you feeling calm and discharging any pain.

If you suffer from headaches you know how debilitating they can sometimes be.
From Rose Cox
30ml sweet almond or apricot oil

Usually headaches aren’t linked to any serious illness however in case you suffer chronic headaches or you wake up with a very painful headache or if they disrupt your sleep you should seek medical advice.

Frequently the cause can be unknown but there are common causes such as stress, lack of sleep, sinus issues, stomach upsets or excessive alcohol to name a few. Other causes may be spinal problems, eyestrain, dental problems, depression, PMT and some drugs like the contraceptive pill or HRT (hormonal therapy therapy).
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